Light Pink chunks

55 lb – 110lbs

25 – 50 $

Jumbo packing comes with 2 packing 25 & 50 kg ( 55 & 110 ) lbs. Specially design for those veterinary store’s who want to make in their own packing under their requirements.

As the name mentions, SM Salt offers small Himalayan salt chunks for small pets. These salt chunks help these pets i.e. rabbits, mice, chinchilla, Djungarian hamster, Guinea pig, Roborovski hamster, Gerbil etc. easy to lick.

If you are troubled by your pet’s unbalanced nutrition and disliking of drinking water, SM Salt animal mineral lick salt is the solution. Get your little pet a salt lick block now and see the benefits yourself.

Our salt blocks are mined from mineral veins deep in the Himalayas. They all hang on ropes, and you could hang them at any height you want.

These mineral rick salt licking blocks have up to 84+ trace minerals which can give your pet a range of essential minerals including calcium, zinc, and iron.

These blocks will encourage your pets to drink! Salt makes people thirsty, and so do your small pets. These mineral rick salt licking blocks will make your pet drink sufficient water. The more they lick, the more water they’ll drink, which could solve the problem of your pet not drinking water, hence boosting metabolism.

Our animal mineral rick salt licking blocks are hard, and would not melt when exposed to heat so they could be used in the long run.

Lastly, our salt blocks are organically mined from the mountains of the Himalayas making every block a unique piece. They are all Himalayan salt lick blocks.