Compressed Block Rock Salt

Weight – 5.5lbs – 22lbs

0.90 – 5.90 $

Standard sizes which comes in compressed block are :
2.5 kg (5.5) lbs
5 kg (11) lbs
10 kg (22) lbs

Compressed blocks are made by Himalayan rock salt powder pressed in a machine. These compressed animal mineral lick rock salts are 100% made from Natural and Organic Salt that has 84+ trace minerals that are important for all livestock at every stage of life.

They are a perfect and convenient source of supplements and nutrients for every animal like cows, sheep, horses, goats, deer, pigs, etc. Animals have a natural attraction to eat salt; hence, these compressed blocks provide all the essential minerals that result in their outstanding growth.


To make these block shapes extremely high pressure is applied to hold the block together without the use of any binding agents. You can easily mount these blocks to a pole or hang them in a stall because of a hole given in the center by using a rope.


The formation of these rock salt mines differs in their mineral composition. The salt at the peak point of the mine is extremely light or you can say white which means that the mineral content is extreme.

The rocks differ in their content of minerals based on the extraction points. So, the process of compression makes sure the presence of mineral and iron content is equally throughout the block.